What is the DiP-Pi Universal Case?

The DiP-Pi Universal Case is an Enclosure for the Raspberry Pi Pico, manufactured from aluminum with removable transparent window (cover) on top. It is dedicated to being used with any of existing PICO boards.
Is the DiP-Pi Universal Case compatible with all HAT to the Raspberry Pi Pico?

As far the HAT is following the Pico dimensions or are slightly wider or longer it is compatible.
Do I need to solder anything to use the DiP-Pi Universal Case?

No. The DiP-Pi Universal Case is designed on that way, that user does not need to solder anything to it. Just pass through the Raspberry Pi® Pico with header and use it.
How can I use with this case Raspberry Pi® Pico, and any extra HAT?

Very simple, just pass the Raspberry Pi Pico through the provided PCB, and plug on top the extra HAT. Screw the front and rear plastic covers.
OK. Looks it is simple. But I would like to add a few of my own parts to the design.
Is it possible?

Yes. In the DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo, there are places designed and dedicated for that. A series of holes matrix with pitch of 1.27mm can be easily used for this.
What versions of the DiP-Pi Case are existing?

There are 2 versions of the DiP-Pi Case:
DiP-Pi Universal Case Solo
DiP-Pi Universal Case Advanced
What are the differences between of these 2 types of cases?

1. Basically, the Version Solo are a passive (without any additional functionality) and is used to hold Raspberry Pi® Pico with one extra HAT on Top.
2. Alternatively, the Version Advanced are an Active (with many additional functionalities) and are used to hold Raspberry Pi® Pico with one extra HAT on Top. Before use of it, user need to check with provided schematics if planned to use application is compatible with occupied (used) pins of the Raspberry Pi® Pico.
I made an application; can I be supplied with DiP-Pi Cases dedicated to my specific application?

Yes, we are an owner of the design, and it can be adopted to your needs for MOQ of 25 pcs. It is including length of the case as also front and rear plastic covers.
What are the mounting ways of this cases?
All DiP-Pi Cases can be used as stand alone or screwed to a rail.