DiP-Pi WiFi Master

DiPPi PICO WiFi Master


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The DiP-Pi WiFi Master is an Advanced WiFi connectivity System with sensors embedded interfaces that cover most of possible needs for IoT application based on Raspberry Pi Pico. It is powered directly from the Raspberry Pi PIco VBUS. The DiP-Pi WiFi Master contains Raspberry Pi Pico embedded RESET button as also ON/OFF Slide Switch that is acting on Raspberry Pi Pico Power Sources.
The DiP-Pi WiFi Master is equipped with WiFi ESP8266 Clone module with embedded antenna. This feature open a wide range of IoT applications based on it.

In Addition to all above features DiP-Pi WiFi Master  is equipped with embedded 1-wire, DHT11/22 sensors, and micro–SD Card interfaces. Combination of the extended powering, battery, and sensors interfaces make the DiP-Pi WiFi Master ideal for IoT applications like data logger, plants monitoring, refrigerators monitoring etc.

DiP-Pi WiFi Master is supported with plenty of ready to use examples written in Micro Python or C/C++.

Dimensions 21mm x 51mmYES
Raspberry Pi Pico pinout compatibleYES
Independent Informative LEDs (VBUS, VSYS, V3V3)YES
Raspberry Pi Pico RESET ButtonYES
ON/OFF Slide Switch acting on Raspberry Pi Pico Powering SourceYES
Embedded 3.3V@600mA LDOYES
ESP8266 Clone WiFi ConnectivityYES
ESP8266 Firmware Upload SwitchYES
Embedded 1-wire InterfaceYES
Embedded DHT-11/22 InterfaceYES

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