DiP-Pi Power Master

DiPPi PICO Power Master
DiP-Pi Power Master

Dual in-Line Package Raspberry Pi PICO (DiP-Pi) is a family of self-containing, stackable add-ons to the Raspberry Pi Pico that decrease to the minimum user involvement for hardware development of application/idea testing based on Raspberry Pi Pico. DiP-Pi PICO takes care to support with all basic functionalities possible required by under development user application. User can easy stack-up 2, 3 or more separated DiP-Pi PICO, possible add one own PCB and rapidly run their application. If designed application fulfills required needs; after successfully testing, user has 3 solutions:

  • it is possible to use selected and tested DiP-Pi(s) set and use them as it is for the application
  • design the hardware by himself based on selected and tested DiP-Pi
  • or ask our company to design a single PCB (and if needed manufacture) based on tested DiP-Pi set

The list of available DiP-Pi is long and continuously updated with new DiP-Pi. Each DiP-Pi is supported with a simple code supporting its features (in C or uPython).

Independent Informative LEDs (VBUS, VSYS, VEPR, CHGR)YES
Raspberry Pi PICO RESET ButtonYES
ON/OFF Switch for USB, EPR, Battery PoweringYES
External Powering 6-18V DC (Cars, Solar Panels)YES
External Power (6-18VDC) Level MonitoringYES
Battery Level MonitoringYES
Charger ON/OFF Automatic/User ControlYES
Inverse Polarity ProtectionYES
PPTC Fuse ProtectionYES
ESD ProtectionYES
Battery Charger (for PCB protected LiPo, Li-Ion)YES
Automatic Switch from Cable Powering to Battery Powering and reverse (simple UPS) YES 
Can be used at the same time with USB Powering, External PoweringYES
1.5A @5V Buck Converter on EPRYES
WT8266 (ESP8266) WiFi ConnectivityNO 
WT8266 Upload SwitchNO 
Available connectors: Stack, Top-End, Pass-ThroughYES