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measure EPR_LEVEL?

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Hello, Power Master board is up and running. Good work, thanks!

Now I want to measure the EPR_LEVEL.

Obviously we will have a voltage drop across D6. Can you provide the part-number of D6? Or give us any information about the expected voltage drop across D6, most probably it will be in correlation of the current across D6… So it might get complicated?

At 13.7V input I measure a voltage drop of 0.66V.

2nd question: In the user documentation I am pointed to . Unfortunately there is no link at 16. DiP-Pi PIoT EPR Level A/D Reading with Olympic Score Filtering” Where can I find an example?

Thanks tiede_1


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"Dirty" not polished yet examples are here. I uploaded them for you.

Regarding the D6 it is SM4007PL, more info here:

We used non Schottky Diode due to availability (Semiconductors Crisis). For this DiP-Pi current drawing, it is not perfect but acceptable. Normally should be used SKL15